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Shenzhen Furuier Photoelectric Co., Ltd.

Performance-oriented, budget-friendly LED high bay lights, floodlights, downlights

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Furuier designs, prototypes, and manufactures high-quality, cutting-edge LED lighting products for architectural, commercial and indusrial applications. The company's products include UFO high bay luminaires, vapor-tight and waterproof linear fixtures, recessed downlights, and outdoor floodlights. Designed with long-term performance and energy efficiency in mind, our LED luminaires utilize innovative heat-sinking and driverless LED technology to deliver a range of lumen packages, optical distributions, and cooler temperatures. 
The company's commitment to durable, technically advanced, performance-oriented, and budget-friendly products is unparalleled. We provide cost effective LED lighting solutions by amalgamating 10 years of expertise in thermal modeling, mechanical design, electrical design and optical design, offering a complete package to meet the increasing demand for high-performance, low-maintenance and energy-saving lighting products. We pledge to deliver super... [more]