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Shenzhen Furuier Photoelectric Co., Ltd.

Performance-oriented, budget-friendly LED high bay lights, floodlights, downlights

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Furuier designs, prototypes, and manufactures high-quality, cutting-edge LED lighting products for architectural, commercial and indusrial applications. The company's products include UFO high bay luminaires, vapor-tight and waterproof linear fixtures, recessed downlights, and outdoor floodlights. Designed with long-term performance and energy efficiency in mind, our LED luminaires utilize innovative heat-sinking and driverless LED technology to deliver a range of lumen packages, optical distributions, and cooler temperatures. 
The company's commitment to durable, technically advanced, performance-oriented, and budget-friendly products is unparalleled. We provide cost effective LED lighting solutions by amalgamating 10 years of expertise in thermal modeling, mechanical design, electrical design and optical design, offering a complete package to meet the increasing demand for high-performance, low-maintenance and energy-saving lighting products. We pledge to deliver superior customer service by employing a cross-trained engineering and marketing team of highly experienced lighting professionals. Furuier's lighting fixtures not only incorporate exquisite design and functionality, but also meet the most stringent of testing standards established by internationally certified labs.
Furuier strives to meet your high expectations and welcomes you to enjoy our designs, service, and quality.